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CM Yogi Adityanath launches 274 development projects worth Rs 810 crore in Hapur

Lucknow | Firing yet another salvo at the previous governments for neglecting Hapur’s development, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Friday, said that despite being in existence for years, Hapur longed for its own proper hospital and other basic facilities.

“We rid the region of lawlessness, anarchy, hooliganism and paved the way for development,” he said.

Dedicating as many as 274 developmental projects worth Rs 810 crores in Hapur, the CM said, “Hapur showed its faith in the BJP in the assembly elections which testifies the development-oriented thinking of the government. Despite being in existence for 11 long years, Hapur was deprived of its own proper hospital. Our government will give pace to the development of the region and the launch of various projects today marks the beginning of Hapur’s development journey.”

Hapur deprived of development, proper medical facilities under previous govts’ : CM

Speaking on the occasion, Yogi Adityanath said, “all the public representatives of Hapur have been assured of no dearth of funds to ensure that development projects are completed on time to benefit the people. An Integrated ‘Kachhari’ is underway which will serve as one platform for all district-level offices for the convenience of the people. This will give a new dimension to the process of development.”

Comparing the law and order situation in the state with the previous governments, the CM said that today, Kanwar Yatras are being taken out successfully and peacefully, there are no more riots and no place for hooliganism. Daughters can now go to school and women can go to market safely.

Playing with future of Youth is a ‘National Crime’: Yogi attacks drug smugglers

“Our government has a policy of zero tolerance in crimes against women and if any person dares compromising it, he will be made to pay in the same manner,” warned Yogi.

The CM went on to say that due to the development-oriented approach of the BJP government, the distance from Delhi to Hapur and Meerut has now reduced. Ganga Expressway will also run between Hapur and Meerut, which will cover the distance of Prayagraj in 6 hours.

Our Govt established rule of law, ensured safety of women & daughters, says CM

“Projects like Film City, Medical Device Park in nearby regions and upcoming Sports University in Meerut will generate numerous employment opportunities for the youth,” said Yogi.

Declaring that Uttar Pradesh’s Covid-19 management fared well in comparison to many other states and countries, the CM said, “Under PM Modi’s leadership the most populous state contained the pandemic efficiently. People are being provided free vaccines, free testing facilities and free treatment along with free double-dose of foodgrains.”

Highlighting his government’s achievements, the Chief Minister said that in the last five years despite the Covid-19 pandemic, 5 lakh youth has been given government jobs in the state, while about 1.61 crore youths were given job opportunities through various MSME units, industrial sectors, among others. Similarly, about 60 lakh craftsmen, and artisans were also connected with banks in a way to ensure their self-employment.

Govt determined to ensure bright future of youth, promoting sports culture & education: Yogi

Affirming his government’s commitment to ensuring a bright future for the youth, the CM said that his government is promoting sports, making playgrounds in every village, building world-class educational institutions, and efforts are being made towards technological up-gradation of youth by distributing 2 crore tablets and smartphones.

“We have to collectively fight against illicit liquor and drugs trade and treat the illicit liquor and drug smugglers as ones committing national crime as playing with the future of youth is equivalent to committing a national crime,” asserted Yogi.

Furthermore, Yogi added that the government is taking forward the programme of skill mapping of every household to provide employment to at least one youth of every family in the state.

“Before five years, the government discriminated in giving benefits, there was no electricity, no safety, there was chaos, and hooliganism was at its peak. Development works were stalled, however, today, festivals are being conducted peacefully and development is at its peak,” concluded Yogi.

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