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Cabinet nod to new stadium in Sambhal UP

Lucknow | Uttar Pradesh is set to have four new government stadiums in the districts of Sambhal, Chandauli, Hapur and Shamli, which did not have one, soon.

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Fit India movement and to realise the slogan, “UP will play, UP will win” , the Uttar Pradesh Government headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has set an ambitious goal of one district, one stadium for the state.

On Wednesday, The State Cabinet approved building of a cricket stadium in Bhartara village of Chandausi Tehsil in Sambhal district. The district administration will provide land free of cost to the Youth Welfare Department in this regard.

Similarly, the Animal Husbandry Department has verbally agreed to give land regarding the stadium in Chandauli. Land has been identified in other districts as well and the transfer process will be completed soon. Subsequently, experts will give presentations before the government regarding design and construction of the proposed stadiums. regarding their construction.

According to Additional Chief Secretary of Sports Department Navneet Sehgal, every effort will be made to start the construction of the stadiums this year itself. Besides, completion of projects of the department, which have been under construction for a long time, will also be expedited.

Continuous ACS –level monitoring of the projects is being done of all the projects, including an under construction international level stadium in Ayodhya, sports hostel in Saharanpur and velodrum (cycle track) in sports hostel in Lucknow.

Yogi Govt working one district one sports plan
CM Yogi has undertaken a number of initiatives in the recent past which reflect his seriousness about sports. The Chief Minister wants UP to be represented well in national and international sports competitions and is leaving no stone unturned to provide all the necessary facilities to ensure this.

Efforts are being made to groom sports talents of the state right since their childhood. The Government is working on providing sports grounds, stadiums and coaches as well as other necessary equipment and facilities at village, block and district levels to identify and nurture young sports talents in remote corners of the state. The Government has also announced attractive rewards for medal winning sportspersons at state, national and international level championships. The Government proposes to build sports ground in every village, mini stadium at block headquarters, one district, one sport-Khelo India Center and world class sports city in Gorakhpur division.

Emphasis on proper training of sporting talents
Along with developing sports infrastructure, there is equal emphasis on training to nurture sporting talent at the local level. For this, the process of appointing trainers has also started. Now a complete blueprint has been prepared to remove the shortage of trainers in the state.

Yogi makes every effort to encourage players
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also making every effort to encourage sportspersons. A few days ago, he met the players of UP who were going to participate in the national sports event in Gujarat. He has also announced AC three tier travel facility for sportspersons in trains.

Earlier in August 2021, in honour of the players, Khel Kumbh was also organized in Lucknow on the initiative of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister had also announced setting up of a sports academy in Lucknow, adopting two sports including wrestling and funding them for 10 years. In order to increase the efficiency of sports talents of the state, a world level sports university is also being built in Meerut named after Major Dhyanchand, who is called the magician of hockey. The government is also preparing to bring a new sports policy for five years.

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