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Gujarat | In view of advancing severe cyclonic storm ‘Biparjoy’ BSF has readied itself to overcome the challenges posed by the effects of the cyclone. Biparjoy is expected to make a landfall near Jakhau coast on evening of 15th June and will traverse all along the Rann upto Rajasthan thereafter.

Sh Ravi Gandhi, IG BSF Gujarat visited the coastal areas of Bhuj to oversee the measures being adopted to mitigate the devastating effects posed by the cyclone as well as took stock of readiness to deal with any contingency.

The cyclone is predicted to pass through all along the Indo-Pak international border. Besides guarding the international border, BSF have also swiftly mobilised requisite resources for rescue operations.

Coordination with civil authorities has been established and has also ensured provision of all necessary support to Civil administration and local population. About 50 villagers of Gunao village located close to Jakhau coast have been shifted to Gunao outpost of BSF.

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