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UP:Safe City Project,CM Yogi directs implementation of AI technology for women’s safety

Lucknow: The Yogi government is launching a significant initiative to ensure safety and holistic development of women, senior citizens, children, and the disabled. In the first phase, 17 municipal corporations and Gautam Budh Nagar will be transformed into safe cities, utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

The integration of AI technology aims to achieve 100 percent security for women, identify criminals, combat criminal activities, and provide prompt assistance to women and children during emergencies. Additionally, the initiative seeks to prevent suicides. The helpline number, 112, will play a crucial role in this, connecting to both government and private CCTVs.

AI empowers Safe City project

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the Safe City project is revolutionizing the prevention of heinous crimes like acid attacks and violence against women. AI will issue a warning immediately after sensing suspicious gestures, such as someone holding a bottle or glass containing acid. When a similar warning is received at the emergency helpline (dial 112), nearby police response vehicles (PRVs) are promptly directed to the scene to assist the victim. Simultaneously, the local police station is informed about the situation, ensuring a swift response to address the threat.

Furthermore, AI is useful in issuing SOS signals when individuals, including women, senior citizens, children and persons with disabilities, raise their hands for help. Along with this, the technology is also useful in identifying the robbers by capturing the plates of the vehicles and analyzing stolen things such as chains, purses, and jewels.

In addition to this, AI proves invaluable in tracking stalkers, identifying drug peddlers near educational institutions, and monitoring as well as recording the activities of criminals accused of sexual exploitation who are on parole or bail. Such individuals’ facial data will be registered in the National Database, bolstering efforts to monitor their activities.

Besides, AI technology will be used to identify groups engaging in activities like smoking, traffic violations, and public drinking in areas where women frequent. Along with this, AI can help identify those performing stunts on roads and locating missing persons through relevant databases.

Additionally, AI-based systems can facilitate the analysis of road accidents and incidents, providing valuable insights. Artificial Intelligence will also identify the trend of suicide attempt on bridges, flyovers, railway tracks etc.

There will also be ease in the analysis of the road accident and the events that happened during any incident. Artificial Intelligence will also identify the trend of suicide attempt on bridges, flyovers, railway tracks etc.

AI will keep an eye on these too:
– on those carrying weapons
– Open toilet areas
– Detection of injuries with intent to murder
– Molestation of women by boys/men near paan shop
– Behavior of men in various places, chasing women, garments shop and market

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