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Yogi’s roadshow in support of BJP candidate Jaiveer Singh evokes tremendous response in Mainpuri

Mainpuri: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath led an impressive roadshow in support of Jaiveer Singh, the Tourism Minister of the Yogi government and BJP candidate for the Mainpuri Lok Sabha seat. Amidst the roadshow, voters voiced their support for CM Yogi, echoing the chant “Saat Mayi, SP Gayi” (On May 7th, SP is gone).

Resounding chant of ‘Saat Mayi (7th May), SP Gayi’ reverberates across Mainpuri

Braving scorching heat, people throng streets to catch a glimpse of UP CM, chant “Aayenge fir Modi he”

Common people and party workers standing on bulldozers shower flower petals on Yogi

Children express their joy at seeing Yogi; women on rooftops greet him with folded hands

Samajwadi Party should be punished for its alliance with Congress, says Yogi

Braving the scorching heat, the people of Mainpuri thronged the streets to warmly welcome Yogi. Carrying cutouts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, and the Lotus flower (symbol of BJP), the public walked along the entire route of the roadshow.

Flower petals were showered on Yogi Adityanath from rooftops in the SP stronghold amid resounding echoes of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. Throughout the hour-long roadshow, chants of ‘Yogi-Yogi’ filled the air.

Dozens of bulldozers, stretching from the Arya Samaj complex to the Bhavant intersection, lined the roads during the roadshow. Mainpuri residents and BJP workers, standing on bulldozers symbolizing law and order, showered Yogi Adityanath, standing on the chariot, with a profusion of flowers.

Amidst the fervor, the youth swayed to the rhythm of ‘Aayenge Phir Modi Hi, Aayenge Phir Yogi Hi’ (Modi and Yogi will return). Even the children exhibited great enthusiasm for Yogi Adityanath. Women stood on terraces with folded hands in some areas, while in others, they showered flowers upon the procession.

The vehicle carrying CM Yogi was adorned in saffron hues and embellished with marigold flowers. BJP and saffron flags fluttered along the route of the roadshow. Mainpuri welcomed the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh with unprecedented fervor, echoing chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram.’ BJP candidate from Mainpuri, Jaiveer Singh, along with Yogi government minister Sandeep Singh, accompanied CM Yogi on the chariot.

The Chief Minister remarked, “Your enthusiasm reflects Mainpuri’s commitment to change this time. The SP-Congress alliance is part of a conspiracy aimed at dragging India back into slavery. These individuals are plotting to undermine the reservation rights of Scheduled Castes, Tribes, and Backward Castes, diverting them to minorities.”

He further remarked, “By excessively favoring Muslim appeasement domestically, Congress is also insidiously endorsing cow slaughter.”

The CM cautioned against supporting the I.N.D.I. alliance, equating it to tampering with the faith of India. “A genuine patriot, who holds faith in high regard, will never permit such an agenda to prosper,” he concluded.

The CM highlighted that the entire life of former Chief Minister Kalyan Singh was devoted to Shri Ram and the progress of the state. “The SP failed to offer even a single word of condolence upon his demise. I personally visited Mulayam Singh’s residence following his passing. PM Modi extended his condolences as well. The Samajwadi Party, which is focused on family interests, insulted SP Babu Kalyan Singh and disrespected faith. They should face consequences for their alliance with Congress,” Yogi remarked.

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